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Inspirational Speaker


Inspirational speaker and author Laura Simon speaks on her journey about becoming a pastor’s wife and the struggles that came with
her position in the Christian community. She shares her journey of real life experiences, where she hid behind a façade of perfectionism.
Laura goes from city to city to tell her story and create an open conversation with women. She provides inspiration to women of faith in
her own church community. Her goal as an inspirational speaker is to remain transparent, open, and honest with her audience.

Public Speaking


Public speaking allows for people to share stories with a larger audience. Laura Simon does just that with her inspirational
speeches on her experience as a pastor’s wife. She tells the struggles of trying to keep up with the image of being a perfect wife of a pastor.
She serves as an inspiration for women of faith in the Christian community. She travels from city to city to speak about her personal experiences and to start a conversation that is open and honest. Her stories are also available to read in her non-fiction book, where you can get a full account of her journey with Christ. See how Laura can inspire you today!

Conference Speaker


Laura Simon holds events as a conference speaker for women of faith. She serves an inspiration to her own church community for Christian women
and tells her story about being a pastor’s wife. From her struggles of being cheated on and upholding the perfect image of being the wife of a pastor, Laura is a compelling and motivated speaker for women everywhere.
She hosts inspirational events and luncheons for women, where she goes from city to city to share her personal experiences. Laura has also written a non-fiction book for a full account of her journey as a Christian woman.

Motivational Speaker


Laura Simon is a motivational speaker and author that shares her personal experiences and serves as an inspiration to women in her church. Coming from the struggles of being the perfect wife of a pastor, she tells her journey of heartbreak and redemption through Christ.
Her speeches are focused on the illusion of perfection in the Christian community and how this misconception affects women. Laura Simon hosts inspirational forums and luncheons where she can remain open and honest with her audience. If you cannot attend her sermons, you can purchase her non-fiction book to read more about her journey as a pastor’s wife.

Leadership Speaker

A pastor’s wife is held to a different standard when it comes to keeping up with purity and perfection. Sharing her personal stories, Laura Simon is a leadership speaker and author that hosts inspirational events and luncheons to talk about her life as a pastor’s wife.
Her journey with Christ tells a tale of her ups and downs through life and how her experiences strengthened her faith. Laura’s speeches remain open and honest to her audience, as she talks about the illusion of perfectionism in the Christian community. If you can’t attend her events, you can purchase her non-fiction for a full narrative on life experiences. See how Laura can inspire you today!

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