Why Us

When one simply mentions a pastor within a religious community, an image of spiritual excellency comes to mind. The same can be said for the concept of the pastors wife though perhaps held to a different standard of purity, perfection, and above all else, piety. Being placed on such a high pedestal within a community is truly an honor, however, it can also inflict self-doubt, shame, and insecurities. My name is Laura Simon, and I am a Christian and pastors wife who, as a writer, teacher, and mentor, shed light on what it truly means to live through Christ while honoring ones self. Having experienced firsthand the societal pressures of being a preachers wife, I speak with an honesty and transparency that breaks boundaries both in the literary and societal world. I was born and raised in Orange County where I found myself surrounded by educational influences from my father, a school principal, and my mother, a high school teacher. I too went forth to receive a higher education, earning my Bachelors and Masters Degree. In November of 1992, I married my childhood friend Tony and, in December of the same year, he gave his first sermon. In 1996, Tony became a pastor and I too gained a new title: The Pastors Wife. Today, I serve as an inspiration to the women of my congregation as well as all women of God. I continue to show my dedication and support of other women by hosting events such as tea luncheons, big girl slumber parties, and inspirational forums. Purpose, passion, and perseverance are my words to live by and I hope to instill such values into all women while remaining transparent and true to myself. With the upcoming release of my non-fiction book, I hope to take down what I call the preachers wives shield, in which one feels it necessary to hide behind an illusion of perfection rather than talk about the real life experiences behind the scenes.

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